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Video Content and about Copyright

BL UNITY CAFE don’t host any kind of video, it’s comes from many popular free video hosting site, like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, VK, Openload and some video comes from fans personal drive with provided embed link and the video will be available at our site if the video available at hosting site, so if you see any copyrighted work then report it to their site with following the rules and if anything happen at our site that you don’t wanna see, please connect with us for the mean time with the social site.

In the mean time if you have notice any kind of inappropriate video that not suitable for our site or the video violates the rules, please contact with us with our social site. We will remove that within couple of business days if your request is valid.

Visitors details

We do not collect any kind of information from our visitors. we just updated the google analytics to see how much audience is coming to our site and google just track them to see how much activity in our site. If you wanna know more about google analytics, please visit their website.


We don’t collect or we don’t request to open account to our site. So please if you open account to comment to our video page then please read the Discord terms and policy.


Our website don’t provide any kind of porn or nudity links. So if you are 13+ or older then you can watch all the content and if you are from a LGBT friendly country then you are allowed to visit any time. We don’t spread the nudity and if your family member don’t allow you to watch this kind of content then please don’t visit this website. We always respect everyone opinion.

Cookies and internet advertising

We don’t use cookies for our website but on social media platforms use them for your better experience and to show you better ads. Such as, Google, YouTube, Facebook  etc. At our website these website also gather cookies for your better result and to show you good kind of advertising.

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