About Us

We are a team consist of six members from different country.
We all believes that love has no bound and there are no color of love. You can found the love in way in your life no matter which gender you fall in. We all believe that we can change it and we can change the world to think that love can happen in all the way and with any person.

We all met through the social media and team up to share all kind of LGBT news and most probably the entertainment news. We love to share the movie, series, drama with the people of our group and with any of them through the official link and we update them what is coming and what is going to be released in next future. So we always are active on our social media site.

We do make subtitles for most demanded content about LGBT and share them with our lovely audience because if they understand it they will love it more and they also can suggest other and that’s way we also can have the good community too.

We all do and gather all the information at our free times. That’s why we made a group and help each other.

Our team partner are:
Niloy Nishad
Carla da Silva
Ana Maria
Vance Tee Pawat
Clefford Rimandiman Millos

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